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A baby boomer turns 60 every 7.5 seconds, and baby boomers and seniors combined make up the largest U.S. consumer group. That’s a lot of consumers with buying power and the time and freedom to use it. We can help you monetize your website and earn commissions on your baby boomer content. With your free BrandCycle membership, you get exclusive access to content and high performing cost-per-acquisition (CPA) campaigns, deals and offers.

If you’ve considered monetizing as an affiliate before, but lacked the knowledge and relationships needed to be successful, let BrandCycle act as your liaison into the affiliate marketing world. You will make equal or greater commission working through BrandCycle compared to working directly with a brand or through a traditional affiliate network.

With BrandCycle you get:

  • True Publisher Representation: We’re in your corner. Our actions will always consider your best interests as a publisher and align them to the best interests of retailers.
  • Innovative Technology: Our proprietary platform and bookmarklet capabilities let publishers access campaigns, best sellers and curated content all from their browsers.
  • Transparent Reporting: BrandCycle’s reporting and analytics provide publishers with full transparency of activities allowing for improved performance over time.
  • Strategic Campaign Generation: Say no to generic deals and coupons. Our best creative minds are hard at work coming up with curated content, innovative campaigns and custom imagery to help publishers promote in an innovative and strategic way.

Are you a large-scale content publisher? Let’s discuss custom solutions for your website.

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