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Thank you so much for being so responsive. I’ve been thrilled with BrandCycle, and even though it’s still in beta, it offers users a lot more convenience, speed and FAR MORE ease of use than established programs that are out there that are out of beta.

I am already IN LOVE with BrandCycle and I just wanted to write you a quick note of praise. If this is just the start, I can’t imagine how great the site will continue to get.

Again, THANK YOU for being so easy to work with and ways getting right back to me! It sets you apart from the rest – and I am happy to have such a close working relationship with you and the team.

Wow! I can use any of these links and banners without having to apply to each program separately?! This is WONDERFUL!

I’m trying very hard to transition everything over to BC–I want to work with you exclusively because I’ve just been so happy with these first couple of weeks!

Thanks for reaching out again. I just signed up, and I can’t wait to get approved!…and can I just say that I LOVE that I can build a link from the brand’s page that I’m on? Fantastic!!! I’m excited to check it out!”

The {Retailer} sale I made recently was a great example of your amazing affiliate program – I put the link in quickly on a whim as a tangentially related thing in a post I was writing. I wasn’t even intending to put it in there originally but I was using another link through you, so I was already logged into my BrandCycle account. I also noticed the {Retailer} campaign deal under Campaigns, and since it’s so fast and easy on BrandCycle to get links and put them up, voila, I put the {Retailer} banner and link in. If I’d been on a traditional affiliate site, I would have said Do I want to apply to {Retailer}? Will the affiliate manager be likely to approve me? Will I be getting a ton of emails from manager about promoting {Retailer}, even if they’re not truly central to my blog? And if they’re not central, maybe I won’t get approved. Then it seems like too much work to even bother, so I don’t wind up applying or promoting {Retailer}. And everyone misses out.

After signing up and logging in, I was THRILLED to wander around, read, get links, etc. Whoever your developers are, they did a TRULY AMAZING job. I was able to navigate around quickly, easily and intuitively. And the big-picture planning people did a great job too getting so many great-quality brands on board.

Oh my goodness! That bookmarklet? Genius! I’ve been building Deep Links left and right for companies I couldn’t get into before. Thank you!

I am super excited about BrandCycle – I think it has major potential – I love the concept and everything I reviewed on the site. It’s inspired me already to become more involved in my blog and social media!

Excellent work on the Mother’s Day promotions blog post. Beautiful! As a publisher this is the sort of thing I like to see.

Love your instagram 🙂 It definitely works to remind me to include you!