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Tools & technology

Our proprietary technology, which is not available through the traditional affiliate networks, allows BrandCycle to deliver content and campaigns to publishers and affiliates in a more streamlined, user-friendly way.

Bookmarklet Tool

  • Make money and create links right from a retailer’s site
  • Access deals and content with a single click
  • Reporting included — no need to log in
  • Product deep linking
  • Easy CMS (content management system) and social media integration

User-Friendly Portal

  • Centralized login
  • Access to all retail partners across all networks
  • Sample content and exclusives

Curated Product Feed

  • Access best seller lists to know what products are trending and which have the highest conversion
  • Find the right partners based on content you want

Proprietary Reporting

  • Your stats, easy to read
  • Key Performance Indicators that are important to you
  • Ability to customize your dashboard to see your most important statistics